Temple Jewellery Earrings

Temple Jewellery Earrings


Temple Jewellery Earrings has been made using the purest form of gold and might contain several precious stones that would add more attractiveness to the jewellery. Mostly the south Indians do wear these kind of jewellery. You can even see that most of the traditional dancers do wear the various kinds of Temple Jewellery Earrings while they are performing. In India lot of importance is given to the Temple Jewellery Earrings especially for the south Indian marriages.

Temple jewelry is a very exclusive, labour intensive art form that both mesmerizes and tantalizes at one shot. Originally crafted to adorn the Indian royalty who then donated them to temples, these were later worn by temple dancers and slowly, the designs became a part of the Indian woman’s bridal jewelry trousseau. Earlier I had provided glimpses into the world of temple jewelry in my Types of jewelry post and Bridal series South post.

Temple Jewellery Earrings is well-known in southern states of India & initially used to adorn idol of God & Goddess in temple. Traditional Temple Jewellery Earrings is made from gold encrusted with rubies, pucchakallu, emerald, pearls, diamonds & many other precious gem stones. It is quite expensive.

If your Temple Jewellery Earrings is not crafted from gold & silver then it is must to take care of artificial Temple Jewellery Earrings because it is made from metal along with golden polish.

Always avoid keeping your imitation jewellery in velvet box & also prevent it from perfumes & other chemicals for long lasting durability.

It is better way to clean your jewellery with little wet cotton cloth & brush it with soft toothbrush & dry it properly. This will make your jewellery new & shiny.


South Indian Bridal jewellery is that the foremost gorgeous and illustrious jewelry altogether over the earth. South Republic of indian Bridal jewellery is extraordinarily most wondrous ancient and richness jewellery from everyplace India. they like to wear Temple jewellery mainly. South indian bridal worn lots of accessories like aravanki, naga jada, vaddanam, kada, jewellery and haaram. throughout this post we tend to are reaching to discourse latest trend of South indian bridal jewellery


Temple Jewellery Earrings

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