Temple Coin Necklace Jewellery


Temple Coin Necklace Jewellery


Temple Coin Necklace Jewellery is also an exotic art of jewellery. Temple Coin Necklace Jewellery is a very traditional form of art. Temple Coin Necklace Jewellery is very popular all over India. Temple ,the traditional art that initiates life, and is also used in motifs that is in turn used for jewellery, gives out the culture and is also caught seemingly in movement , heritage, tales of valor and the romance of Rajasthan. Temple work has a lot of processing as the designs are highly intricate and time-consuming and hence, they take up to a month so as to complete even a single piece of jewellery.

Temple will always remain in the hearts of the vibrant women throughout the world. The Metropolitan Museum of Art and some other museums display some pieces of this art form. This jewellery is very special and prominent as even the Government of India gifted Prince Charles a Temple item on his marriage.

Glittering effects for the glass are achieved by a special process which in turn highlights the delicate gold work. This jewellery is generally handcrafted for approximately a month by exceptionally skilled artisans. Preparation of Temple Coin Necklace Jewellery is highly exhaustive, time-consuming and grandiose due to its high level of delicacy and the complexity involved in the process.

Even a single piece of Temple Coin Necklace Jewellery takes over months to prepare for those who make it. The additional gold is removed at a later stage. The colored glass is the one that gives an extraordinary look as it is actually the base for the Temple Coin Necklace Jewellery as it behaves as a unit for the gold. The glass used for the ornament is generally made of semi-precious stones which includes emeralds, sapphires and rubies as such.
The process of making Temple starts by taking broken pieces of Terracotta which are then ground and mixed with different oils and chemicals so as to produce a thick paste. This paste is then taken and spread onto a wooden base that has a gold plated sheet. At a later stage, black paint is spread all over the gold sheet which in turn makes the design clearly visible so that the detailed work can be carried out.

Temple Coin Necklace Jewellery

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